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FlexiGroup challenged their agency Federation to come up with a new device to carry their Q Card brand forward. While the brief was all about their most important time – the approach to Christmas, the campaign idea had to work beyond that.  We came up with idea that a creature who was the total opposite to the Christmas Grinch, could be a way forward and so we created the Cinch…who later became called Qubee since no one could spell cinch! This loveable character has helped FlexiGroup grow their marketshare by 11 percent against the cards category which grew by only two percent, while growing the customer base by an additional 50,000 customers in one year. This big, pink furry fictional character has generated cut-through and brand love at a time when competitors in the category, and other brands outside the category, tend to align with traditional financial services or corporate brand metaphors.

Team: Chris Howden, Melissa Turkington, Phil Parsonage.

Agency: Federation. Olly Boden, Sharon Henderson. Misha Gildenberger.

Client: FlexiGroup

Q Card