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DeLaval has always been about increasing productivity and quality ever since the invention of the separator.

The challenge in New Zealand and Australia is to get farmers to grasp the potential that lies ahead rather than just looking at piece meal solutions or quick fixes.

To a certain degree the high milk solids price has made some a little lazy in their thinking and ambition.

Why fix what ain’t broke when we’re making good money?

There is also a national trend to pay off debt, so any push to get farmers to increase their debt levels is going to be sorely tested.

We believe that DeLaval needs to stimulate farmers’ imaginations to the true potential of their business.

And this can be done at many levels.

On brand level, we can talk the big picture – imagine more production, imagine a bigger farm, imagine being able to put more fert on your land, imagine a farm that milks itself.

This imagine more campaign has become  a powerful, unifying campaign for DeLaval.

Creative Director/Writer: Chris Howden

Art Director: Brian Knott.

Agency: Tracta