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What moves you? This became the new theme for Conroy Removals. At first I started on a nostalgic route, tapping into the underlying kiwi dreams of the good life they once knew as kids. The big OE, a passage of rights for countless kiwis, but they mostly come back – again to the draw of the easy life – the beach. Now the campaign is a little more topical, tapping into current events and observations. What’s moving the Poms to want to leave Blighty? What’s behind the sudden upsurge of Aussies wanting to reverse bungy out of the big dry and into the long white cloud?  Every month a new them and a new social video to match.


Client: Conroy Removals.

Marketing Director: Raymond Laursen

Copywriter: Chris Howden

Production: NZME Wellington.

Video: Waking Giants.

Producer: James Irvine.


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