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Jack Links make Beef Jerky. Some say the best Beef Jerky you can buy. My challenge was to make people love them with a radio campaign. I wanted the listener to imagine a no nonsense cowboy. Sam Elliot was the image I had in my mind. He had to tell Kiwis why “man needs meat” and that became the theme of the campaign. I found a great voice in Birmingham, Alabama – Kyle Holman who brought a rich, dry humour to the scripts. Directed over skype he delivered the goods and the campaign became a great success with year on year sales exceeding 40% growth.  The client was so pleased, we have just recorded a second set of commercials. The ads went on to win best commercials of the year and most effective campaign at the Radio New Zealand Awards in 2014 and 2015 and new campaigns are running today.


Jack Links New Zealand Chilli Lime from Jack Links New Zealand on Vimeo.