Award-winning freelance copywriter based in Auckland

As a freelance copywriter, I’m here to help solve problems. To bring a fresh perspective, or simply to knuckle down and produce the goods you need on time, and on budget. I can work directly with your team in house or remotely.  It doesn’t matter where you are, today’s technology makes it simple. I often take briefings over Skype and Zoom and happily talk to clients in all parts of the globe to get the job done. I create concepts and write copy for all media – digital, print, direct mail, radio, outdoors and TV. Key industries I know well: Telecoms, Airlines, Cars, Motorbikes, Agri-Business, Banks, Financial/Insurance, Education, Government and Tourism. I’m well-connected and can bring in art directors, film directors, producers – you name it. I also do voice work through Piranha Voice Talent agency and produce radio commercials through Goodbreaks.