Turning your radio into social

Quite often you get a great radio campaign that’s perfect to extend into social media. The audio from the radio can be used as your soundtrack to a web video.  It does, of course, depend of the style of radio for this to work – single voice narrative, where the voice over is telling a story or painting a picture in the listener’s mind is possibly the easiest for a video editor to get to grips with. Using stills, stock video or even quick shots snapped on your iPhone, it’s then pretty easy to create the content to match. Why is this a good idea?  1. It allows you to extend a successful radio campaign socially for little cost. 2. It deepens the engagement and adds new layers of humour. Something you might not have picked up on radio are suddenly funnier or clearer when turned into video. 3. You can extend the length, there’s no reason to stick to the same 30 second format, you can open it up and create a video of what ever length you like. 4. You are potentially reaching a whole new audience and thus aiming more value from your investment in the creative and radio production. The only caveat is make sure you have the rights for the voice over talent for web use and music rights, if that applies. See a couple of examples here for Jack Links and Conroy Removals.

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