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Introducing Goodbreaks. Radio that stops.

I’ve always had a passion for radio. And recently more and more clients are asking me for scripts. Since I’ve produced thousands of ads in my time, I thought I’d set up a specialist side – that can write, produce and even book a media schedule for clients. It’s live now – so if you you want radio that stops…check it out now. Goodbreaks. Share → Tweet

New Jack Links radio ad takes a swipe at Lime Scooters

With Lime Scooters future up in the air, one of the latest Jack Links radio spots is airing with some fun poked at Lime scooter riders. Written by Chris Howden, longtime copywriter for the Jack Links “Man needs meat” campaign, the spot was recorded in Birmingham, Alabama just before the Christmas holidays. “We knew there was a chance the scooters might get pulled, so we scheduled a short run from Christmas to Feb.  Looks like we guessed right.” says Howden. The spot is one in a new series of 4... Read The Rest →