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Why online ads don’t work

Thought that would get your attention.Ruffle a few feathers even.
But the truth is, most online ads are really bad. Not just in content, but in format.
I sat next to a young “Millennial” the other day on the ferry and watched him browsing his large screen Samsung.
His thumb was a blur as content from facebook was swiped up the screen. An occasional brief pause, a pretty girl…a meal…he was hungry for either, a clip of a car crash, a GIF of Game of Thrones.

It all flashed by in a blink.
That tiny banner ad the ASB had laboured over for weeks…never had a show.
That pre-roll video cut down from a TV ad he’d seen before, blatantly ignored by a stare out the window until it ended.
That pop-up for Burger King treated with the same disdain.
Not a chance. In fact, I read somewhere recently that direct mail has more chance than mobile banners.
Yes, the crap you take out of your letterbox and light the fire with…has more chance.
It’s not to say digital ads don’t work. But the way we’re using it needs re-thinking.
We know we have an engaged audience. But how do we slow down that speeding thumb?
How do we make him stop in his tracks and engage for more than a nano second?
The only way is the old way. Do something brilliantly creative.

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