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What’s the role of radio?


Quite often I get given a brief to advertise a product or service. The obvious request is to get more customers, sell more products.

But the art of copywriting and the art of great radio is to make an emotional connection with the listener so they become engaged with your message.

Call it the “Why”

Without “Why” your radio is just noise.

Case in point:  A brief came in for Corporate Hospitality at Eden Park.  Now the brief said while busy on event days, the hospitality facilities were under used and they wanted more customers. They can feed 200 people, had a French chef and could do office functions and Christmas parties.

A bad radio ad might go something like this.

Stirring Epic music.

VO: Eden Park, the sacred home of rugby, the ground of epic battles and defeats – if you’re Australian…and now open to every business, every wedding planner, every company secretary to book their Christmas party. With catering for over 200 – a French Chef and a stunning venue…Eden Park can make your occasion victorious. (crowd roars)

Call 0800 Eden Park to book.

Now while it ticks a lot of the boxes and with the right production could tap into some emotions, if fails to really engage because it’s missing the “Why”.

What is the role of radio in this instance?

The role is to make listeners imagine an amazing event they could have at Eden Park and get excited about that idea. That’s the why.

Why choose Eden Park? Because of the unique events you could create there. Not because of 200 tables and Chef. Any hotel can do that.

So here’s a better example:

Sfx: Thundering horses., Chariots of fire music.

Woman: (excited) Our wedding tables set up on the field and horses charging between them…like the Crusaders…

Sfx: Haka being performed.

Man: (excited) Our entire sales force in the middle of the field performing a Haka…

Woman: We all got to take home a little inch of green turf in a box…

VO: Eden Park. If you can imagine it. We can do it. Book now at edenpark dot co dot nz

Now I bet you after even reading that,  your brain is starting to imagine what would be a cool event at Eden Park.

You’re engaged with the message and you will remember it.

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