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New Jack Links spots

Man continues to need meat

You can’t mistake the Jack Links Beef Jerky radio campaign. As soon as you hear that big western soundtrack and Mid West drawl, you know you’re in for some listening pleasure.

It seems no one is safe from a bit of leg-pulling from this wise cowboy, be it a teenager, a hipster, a surf boarder or as in the new campaign – a golfer.

The Jack Links campaign is arguably one of the most distinctive and successful radio campaigns to air in New Zealand, I should know as I’ve been wriiting them since 2014. As well as winning top awards at the NZ Radio Awards, the campaign has driven Jack Links Beef Jerky sales to impressive heights.

Maurice Crosby, CEO of Jack Links explains: “Radio was not a serious part of our plans until we heard the Man needs Meat radio ads with their amazing Southern drawl…I was sold and more importantly we’ve seen our sales increase over 30% year on year.”

The Man needs Meat campaign is a successful formula and actually involves quite a few people, I write and produce the scripts. The voice over talent is Kyle Holeman based in Birmingham, Alabama. We do a live skype link into the recording and then do the sound mix at NZME studios. This year was quite interesting with NZME writers also contributing a script to the 8 commercial campaign.

Of course, it’s always tempting to change the campaign, to come up with something totally different…but when you’re on a winning streak it’s best to stay on that horse.

Listen to the new Jack Links spots here:

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