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Turning your radio into social

Quite often you get a great radio campaign that’s perfect to extend into social media. The audio from the radio can be used as your soundtrack to a web video.  It does, of course, depend of the style of radio for this to work – single voice narrative, where the voice over is telling a story or painting a picture in the listener’s mind is possibly the easiest for a video editor to get to grips with. Using stills, stock video or even quick shots snapped on your iPhone, it’s... Read The Rest →

Best of the SuperBowl

If you haven’t seen it – this is a cracker: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Cardi B, Gordon Ramsay and Rebel Wilson all “replace” Alexa as she loses her voice in this 90-second ad, which also stars Amazon boss Jeff Bezos himself. The ad had a 7.92 share of voice online and hit 81.2 million TV impressions, with an estimated ad spend of $14.9 million. Courtesy CNBC. Share → Tweet