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New Jack Links spots

Man continues to need meat You can’t mistake the Jack Links Beef Jerky radio campaign. As soon as you hear that big western soundtrack and Mid West drawl, you know you’re in for some listening pleasure. It seems no one is safe from a bit of leg-pulling from this wise cowboy, be it a teenager, a hipster, a surf boarder or as in the new campaign – a golfer. The Jack Links campaign is arguably one of the most distinctive and successful radio campaigns to air in New Zealand, I... Read The Rest →

NZ Radio Awards 2017 Finalist

I only have one direct radio client – Conroy Removals. So I was quite pleased to learn that it had been made a finalist for the most effective radio campaign in the New Zealand Radio Awards.  Just shows that if you treat every brief as potential gold, you may just end up there one day. There is always a better, more interesting way of advertising if you put your mind to it.  Time will tell if it gets picked, but kudos to the team who help me produce it and... Read The Rest →

What’s the role of radio?

  Quite often I get given a brief to advertise a product or service. The obvious request is to get more customers, sell more products. But the art of copywriting and the art of great radio is to make an emotional connection with the listener so they become engaged with your message. Call it the “Why” Without “Why” your radio is just noise. Case in point:  A brief came in for Corporate Hospitality at Eden Park.  Now the brief said while busy on event days, the hospitality facilities were under... Read The Rest →

Conroys continues moving you

The Conroys “What moves you” campaign continues to roll out on radio. This time, it’s the aussies. Our favourite cousins who are jumping over the ditch in record numbers. And who best to move them? Listen here.   Share → Tweet