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Conroys continues moving you

The Conroys “What moves you” campaign continues to roll out on radio. This time, it’s the aussies. Our favourite cousins who are jumping over the ditch in record numbers. And who best to move them? Listen here.  

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Welcome to Profanity

After a year of freelance, I thought it time to re-look at my name – Chord. You won’t believe the number of people who asked me how to pronounce it. ¬†Or spell it. So bugger that for a game of soldiers.... Read The Rest →

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Have you found your voice?

Recently an insurance company asked me to re-write their brochures to make them easier to read. Easy enough. But then I asked a simple question – what’s your tone of voice? They didn’t have one – not a defined one anyway.... Read The Rest →

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Why online ads don’t work

Thought that would get your attention.Ruffle a few feathers even. But the truth is, most online ads are really bad. Not just in content, but in format. I sat next to a young “Millennial” the other day on the ferry and... Read The Rest →

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The road to India with Mahindra

Selling Mahindra to Kiwis is a toughie. And that’s precisely what inspired a series of radio ads for Mahindra. Have you ever seen the roads there? Well, if a car can survive there, it can survive anywhere. So I took the... Read The Rest →